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Oyster Bay Animal Hospital becoming part of West Hills Animal Hospital & Emergency Center

Oyster Bay Animal Hospital is proud to announce its merger with West Hills Animal Hospital & Emergency Center. We will now be able to offer enhanced services and 24hr supervised care at West Hills Animal Hospital & Emergency Center to better the care of our patients. All records will be shared electronically between the practices and the doctors of Oyster Bay Animal Hospital will be present for rounds and to follow up in the morning should a pet need hospitalization.

Cold Weather Tips for Your Pet

Winter weather can be tough to deal with – with the freezing temps and bitter winds, it’s important to keep your dog or cat safe and warm during these cold weather months. We have some helpful tips to keep your pets safe this winter.

• Small and toy breeds and dogs with shorter coats tend to be more sensitive to extreme temperatures. Your dog may feel more comfortable wearing a sweater or jacket to keep them warm.

• Salt can be irritating to the pads of your pet’s feet. It’s best to wipe your pet’s feet before they lick the salt, which can make them sick and irritate their mouth.

• Always supervise your pet while near garages and driveways where they could come in contact with harmful chemicals such as antifreeze.

• Never leave outdoor pets outside for a prolonged amount of time when there is a drop in temperature. Wind chills also affect the overall temperature and can be dangerous to animals that are outside for an extended period of time.

• Check for animals that could be hiding beneath your vehicle. Many cats and other small animals seek refuge from the cold by hiding under the warm hoods of cars that have been recently parked.

Call us today to schedule a pre-winter exam to make sure that your dog or cat is healthy and free of health issues that could make them vulnerable to the cold.

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Clients of Oyster Bay Animal Hospital never pay an additional emergency fee when being seen at West Hills Animal Emergency & Critical Care Center for after hour emergencies.

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